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Hitachi Vibrators

Looking for a reliable, powerful and versatile vibrator? Then Hitachi Wand Vibrator is exactly what you need! Being present on the market of sex toys for almost 40 years, this device was used by hundreds of thousands people worldwide, and still stays among the most demanded gadgets. What is so special about it?

white usb vibrator by Hitachi
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What are Hitachi Vibrators?

Initially, Hitachi Body Wand was designed as a massager for prostate and body acne treatment. It was used to cure a backache, to relieve muscle tension and for other medical purposes. A special drive that reaches 9000 rotations per minute provides intense and pleasant sensations, which, of course, makes it a perfect sex toy.

20 speed USB vibrator by Hitachi

Taking into account the needs of customers, the manufacturer introduced new various attachments installed on the corpus of the vibrator. Today, users may buy Hitachi Vibrator together with different stimulators (clitoral, anal, etc.) and enjoy mighty and at the same time smooth stimulation.

Thanks to its revolutionary construction and highly powerful motor, Hitachi toy was praised in TV series, and even called one of “50 inventions that changed the world”. This is a perfect solution for those who want an all-purpose device that may be pleasurable and useful at the same time.

purple usb vibrator by Hitachi

Main Characteristics

The original construction of the best Hitachi vibrator didn’t change throughout the time: simple and compact, it stays an ideal example of what a powerful adult toy should look like. Devices have the following features:

  • Hard plastic body is 12.5 inches long and 2.5 inches wide;
  • Head is portable, and may be replaced by any other attachment designed especially for Magic Wand models;
  • There are two speeds of vibration (7000-9000 rpm);
  • Both wired and wireless models are available;
  • The gadget is made in black or white versions;
  • Smooth frequency control.

original usb vibrator by Hitachi

The model range of Hitachi Vibrator online is not very wide, but the possibility to change attachments for different kinds of stimulation makes this device suitable for different kinds of sexual activities.

Our partner sells 100% original products and offers moderate Hitachi Vibrator price together with great shopping conditions. Enjoy shopping and the products bought!

set original usb vibrator by Hitachi
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How to Use

Since this model is highly versatile, you may explore its possibilities and try different ways of application to find out what you like best. How to use Hitachi Vibrator for this or that purpose? Everything is simple.

The original model is a massager. If you order Hitachi Vibrator without any other attachments, the gadget may be used to massage any body part as well as to stimulate clitoris and nipples. But in the second case, it may be a bit inconvenient because of big head size.

pink set original usb vibrator by Hitachi

But when it comes to using special attachments, you are not limited in actions! There are four types of heads that allow performing various kinds of treatment:

  1. All-purpose heads are good for massage of certain body zones, prostate massage and anal penetration.
  2. Female attachments may be used for anal, clitoral and vaginal penetration either separate or simultaneous.
  3. Male attachments allow massaging prostate and using the vibrator as a masturbator.
  4. Hitachi Vibrator for sale also comes with Lux attachments with supreme design and special stimulators.

black set original usb vibrator by Hitachi

Do not inject the device entirely inside anus or vagina – plastic frame is not waterproof, and the mechanism may be damaged. If necessary, apply some water or silicone based lubricant right on attachments. Read Hitachi Vibrator reviews, and you will learn more about the peculiarities of models and attachments for them.

How to Choose

Are you sure that all stores offer identical products? If you want to find a cheap Hitachi Vibrator, be attentive to avoid buying fake production. A forgery may break down after several times, while the original item comes with one year warranty.

Where to buy Hitachi Vibrator? Visit official stores and well-known marketplaces that sell original items. Better choose models of average price – they are most likely to be authentic. Select attachments according to your own needs: health and personal care, masturbation, massage, etc.

black set usb vibrator by Hitachi

Where to Buy Hitachi Vibrator?

If you are not sure about the quality of items sold on this or that site, we recommend purchasing Hitachi Vibrator on our partner’s site. Caring about every single client, the seller provides:

  • Different payment methods;
  • Great choice of adult toys;
  • Supreme quality of products;
  • Fast shipping in discreet package;
  • Anonymity of purchases and security of payment information;
  • A user-friendly site with easy navigation.

Hitachi Magic Wand is the key to general well-being and fantastic sexual experience. Smooth and intense vibrations will make you scream and crave for another try every time.

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