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Magic Wand Vibrators

A woman’s dream and a super reliable toy, the perfect gift for your wife or the right choice when it comes to stimulating your female partner the right way. Highly rated for their ability to provide orgasms, the magic wand vibrators are now a very popular choice among millions of users across the world.

rechargeable usb magic wand vibrator
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What is a magic wand vibrator?

The magic wand vibrator is a personal adult sex toy highly rated by women as being one of the most reliable types of vibrators ever invented. Specially designed for clitoris stimulation, they are often used for nipples stimulation and even anal stimulation. A real surprise for women as these toys are perfect for intense stimulation in both solo or couple mode. Specially designed for women, they can, in some times, be used by men as well.

black rechargeable usb magic wand vibrator by Fifty Shades of Grey

Types and main features

Using a magic wand vibrator is a dream come true for a woman and having the partner to guide it over her intimate area is something even better. This is the reason top rated magic wand vibrators are so popular and demanded. They come in many shapes and sizes as there are many types of such toy:

black rechargeable usb magic wand vibrator

  • The original magic wand vibrator – first released back in the 80’s, extremely popular and easy to use.
  • The remote control magic wand vibrator – extremely popular among couples in love with playing sexual games. Offers a distinct stimulation for both partners and can be controlled from distance.
  • Rechargeable magic wand vibrators – highly appreciated for their easy to maintain features and functionality. Provides the same simulation as normal on batteries wand vibrator.

pink magic wand vibrator by Bodywand
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How to choose the best magic wand vibrator?

Either you are a beginner or an experienced user of such type of adult toy, seeking for magic wand vibrator reviews is always the best thing to start your search. Once you understand the features and roles of the toy, you can proceed with gathering information about materials, shapes, sizes, etc. The best types of magic wand vibrators are the classic types, because they require little to no experience in using them, provide absolute pleasure and are very reliable. The rest are as reliable as the classic ones but more suitable for experienced users.

purple magic wand vibrator by Lelo

How to choose the right size?

First of all you must decide on what type of magic wand vibrating toy you need. Depending on the type, size may vary between 2 and 5 inches in diameter. The tip of the wand is the most important part of the toy so the size must suit your measurements and desires in order to enjoy the best results. You can always add magic wand vibrator attachments for better results but choosing the right size is always a matter of personal desire and measurements. Getting the size right will grant you the best and most effective results so starting with smaller sizes will always increase your chances of total success.

purple magic wand vibrator

How to choose the right materials, texture and shape?

If you love to feel stiffness over your intimate area, using magic wand vibrators made out of solid plastic is the right choice. If you love the feeling of softness and silkiness, choosing materials like rubber or silicone will grant you a better experience. Either way, it’s a matter of personal desire when it comes to the shape. The magic wand vibrator reviews should be enough to offer you the right information about what type of material and shape to choose.

purple rechargeable usb magic wand vibrator by Ninja

How to use a magic wand vibrator?

Make sure the toy is unpacked and clean. Proceed with reading the instructions and storage details. Apply the toy over the desires area and with gentle moves, proceed with stimulating yourself or your partner. Smooth vibrations will provide the toy a unique feeling which will grant total sexual satisfaction. Before and after each use keep the toy clean and dry. Store it in safe places, out of direct sunlight or moisture. Since these types of magic wand vibrators contain a lot of electronic parts and batteries, humidity and extreme heat might damage them for good. To avoid possible damage, it’s best to keep them in their original box, always clean and switched off when stored.

rechargeable usb magic wand vibrator by Daily
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