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Magic Wand Vibrators

Many users want to get a sex toy just because they can experience intense vibrations provided by such a device. When we are talking about intensity, it turns out that a wand vibrator is the most powerful of all according to how intense vibrations are. Even though other types of sex toys have their own specific benefits, this kind of vibrator appears to be one of the strongest devices of all featuring a long grip handle and a baseball-sized head on top of it. The vibrations you feel during sex play with this vibrator will not leave you indifferent in any respect. However, before you head out shopping for a vibrator of your own, we advise you to take a look at our magic wand vibrator review to guarantee that you make the right choice.

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What Is a Magic Wand Vibrator?

Basically, it is just a vibrator with an elongated grip handle and a rounded ball on its top that is supposed to vibrate when in full action. The grip handle makes it easier to hold the device. Initially, this type of sex toy used to be wired, but today there is a wide choice of wireless options as well. There is also a magic wand rechargeable vibrator that has different strengths and modes. It is free from any cords and would be a perfect choice for those who can afford to buy a pricey device as it costs twice as much as usual wired one. Besides, if you don’t like the presence of cables, this would be an excellent option as well. What’s more, magic wand vibrators come with different kinds of accessories that make the process even more exciting and pleasant.

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Types of Accessories

If you are wondering how you can take the fullest advantage out of your magic wand vibrator, we would like to reassure you that you’ll have many chances to experiment, especially if you choose to buy one of the following attachments for your device:

black rechargeable usb magic wand vibrator

    Beads attachment. These will easily turn your wand into an anal vibrator. The beads can be of different sizes to ensure that you find exactly the right type for your personal needs. An anal bead extension is perfect for experimenting with anal stimulation;

  • Swirl lip accessory. This feature is intended for teasing your external hot spots and represents a rubber attachment that may have various designs and textures. One side of it has swirly nubs while the other is added with “lips” to massage your sensitive areas;
  • Rabbit accessory. Magic wand vibrators are often added with a rabbit attachment that will turn your vibrator into a double-action device to please your two main sensitive zones and bring extra pleasure during masturbation;
  • G-tip attachment is specially designed to please your G-spot. It has a special nubby surface and allows stimulating your most sensitive zone with ease.

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This is not a full list of all the fascinating things that you can do with a magic wand vibrator. The best part of it all is that the experiments are virtually endless.

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How to Use Magic Wand Vibrator

Even though the magic wand vibrator can be used for its direct purpose, you can also use it over clothes or around your most sensitive areas, which might be suitable for those who are especially susceptible to vibrations. The vibrations produced by the magic wand are deep and can be easily experienced all over your body so that there is no particular need for direct contact unless you wish to experience intense pleasure. What’s more, the diversity of attachments that are available on the market will add extra sensations and improve the functionality of the device considerably. You can also use this vibrator with water-based lube to ensure that the attachment is secured in one place.

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How to Find the Best Magic Wand Vibrator

In order to purchase the top-rated vibrator of this kind, there is a need to follow three basic tips:

purple magic wand vibrator

  • Check how portable it is to ensure that it is not too heavy;
  • Check the availability of different designs and opt for the most suitable one;
  • Choose the right set of accessories to make sure you have a full pack of features at your disposal.

purple rechargeable usb magic wand vibrator by Ninja

Over time, you may feel as if the vibrator has become a bit heavy, so you might find it useful to buy a special toy holder for hands-free sex play. In general, magic wand vibrators are rather affordable and easy to use so you won’t find it hard to learn how to handle it.

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