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Face-sitting Cunnilingus.

Are you looking for ways to spice up your sexual life? Have you tried BDSM and oral sex but still feel there’s an extra level to get to? Have you tried face-sitting?

Popularly known as queening, face sitting occurs when you dangle your genitals over a partner’s mouth for oral sex. Face-sitting is usually cunnilingus, but it can also be called analingus, depending on the genitals involved.

However, face-sitting is not sitting on someone’s face. You do not put your entire body weight on their face because that would only cause discomfort. There are techniques to perfect, guidelines to follow to master the art of face-sitting.

Why face-sitting?

The great thing about face riding is that other than oral-genital or anal contact, the partner in the bottom position can use their free hands to stimulate other erogenous zones like the nipples, clitoris, anus, etc. The partner on top can also sit astride in any direction.

Face-sitting is a common feature of BDSM, even though not all face-sitting involves displays of dominance and submission. It could be an innocent act enjoyed between couples.

Although face riding is quite popular in the BDSM community and is often found in “fem-dom” relationships, which is the origin of the “queening” term, any person of any gender identity can be a face-sitter. Queening usually refers to the femme identity of the dominant partner.

What’s so dreat about face-sitting?

If you are not convinced about face-sitting, here are a few more reasons to tip you over to the face-sitting side of life.

  1. You get eaten out without any pressure to reciprocate the act. Sometimes, it is not because you are selfish, it’s just because you are not the best at multi-tasking.
  2. It makes you feel powerful, incredible, and confident in your body. You might also find out that you’re into role-playing.
  3. Some men find a woman riding their face appealing. Getting “used” may also be your jam.

Face-sitting variations

There are different ways to sit on a face. You can squat down on top of your partner or put your knees on the side of their face. There is a reverse position where the receiver faces her partner’s feet. It is known as the reverse queen, and it is great for rimming. The receiver can also sit on the edge of a chair, so the giver goes down on all fours and gets them off. There are also specially made chairs for this act – queening chairs.

Queening chair

Facesitting is great, but it can be very uncomfortable; your thighs hurt if you are the top partner, and the partner on the bottom might have to keep straining their neck. This is why it makes sense to invest in queening chairs. This special furniture is known as a queening chair or a smother box. Imagine getting head while sitting comfortably in a ‘throne.’

It is a stool that fits over your partner’s head with an opening that allows for oral-genital or oral-anal stimulation of the domme while they sit.

It gives your partner easy access, and the chair is made so that you’re both comfortable and relaxed. The person giving head will have easy the vagina or anus for a longer period. If you have ever had your face riding session ruined by cramps or sore muscles, then a queening chair is long overdue.

You also increase your chances of an orgasm exponentially by giving your partner unfettered access to your pleasure zones.

Pros of the queening/kinging position

The advantages of face-sitting are a lot, and it works for both parties partaking in the act.

  1. It makes the queen or king feel great physically and psychologically.
  2. Orgasms are guaranteed because the position provides access to the clitoris or anus.
  3. It gives your partner a sense of dominance and being worshipped.
  4. As the giver, the benefit is in pleasuring your partner and giving them an orgasm, which is healthy for your sex life.
  5. As a submissive, a partner sitting on your face is one of the best pain-free positions to be dominated in.

Also, if you find ass attractive, you can enjoy the view from down under. Also, if you’re into erotic asphyxiation (breath play), you can ask your partner to smother you.

The Cons Of Face-Sitting

The major con about face-sitting is if you are not into it, but that’s fine.

If the receiver has bad hip or mobility issues, it will be difficult or painful to squat and hold the position. However, they can hold a bed frame to stabilize themselves or just rest their knees beside their partner’s face instead of squatting. Sometimes, it is advisable to avoid it altogether to avoid harm or injury.

Not everyone likes getting smothered while giving head, and that’s okay. Just know what your partner is into or not interested in before starting.


If you need a healthy way to improve your sex life, you should explore face-sitting. It’s great oral sex activity, and it’s a great workout for your thighs too, talk about killing two birds with one stone.

You can get a queening chair if you are not stoked by the exercise bit; it’s still a win-win. Hopefully, you found this article helpful. If you want to spice your sex life, check out our best sex toys reviews to find everything that fits your budget and taste.

What is queening?
Queening is another name for “face-sitting,” this is a sex position where a person squats over their partner’s face and lowers themselves so their partner can access their genitals and perform oral sex on them.
How to ride someone’s face?
Start by straddling their chest in a kneeling position. Move forward until your thighs are on either side of their head. They can rest their arms on or beside your thighs. You can hold the headboard of the bed. Then lower your body so your vulva or anus is in contact with their face and mouth. They lick, and you grind.
How to get a girl to sit on your face?
Women might need a lot of confidence-boost, as they can be insecure about their bodies, or the idea of showing you their anus might scare them. So first, you should compliment them, ask them if it’s something they would like to try, but don’t push too much. Assure them that it’s not a big issue; make them comfortable. If they agree to it, provide them with enough information and guidance. You may also want to give them head in a normal position first, then let them know that if they sit on your face, the experience would be much better.
Do girls like face-sitting?
Yes, most of them like it. If they like oral sex, they would probably like face-sitting too. They might just fear smothering you.

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