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DIY Chastity Cage

Homemade chastity cage.

It’s pretty frustrating when you are right in the middle of the play, and you can’t find your chastity cage anywhere. You can’t wait to quickly order a new one, the heat is one, and you are going to get hard, no doubt. Don’t worry, you can make a DIY chastity cage that will serve you for the main time until you can get a new one. Why can’t I keep using the homemade chastity cage? You might ask. It’s because homemade cages are not as strong as the ones you will buy. They are also not safe because they are dangerous to your health. It is not recommended for long-term use except you are fine with hurting yourself — not the good kind. You can instead find better ones when you check through our best sex toy reviews . However, today is about how to make a chastity cage for those times you need an alternative.

What You Need to Make a Homemade Chastity Cage

Before we get into the details of how you can make a DIY chastity cage, you need to have all the needed types of equipment around, right? Well, to make your chastity cage , you need one major thing - iron wire. You can get one from any local store, your garage, or your neighbor. Make sure that the wire is thick enough (but not too thick). If it is too thick, the cage will be too heavy and uncomfortable. It will also be hard to mold into the shape we want. Finally, you will not be able to wear it under your trousers — they’ll be too obvious. What about when it is too thin? It can cut into your skin for when you fail the test and get an erection. The best measurement for the wire is about a 3mm gauge.

Other things you need are pliers to cut and shape the wire, and your measurements. As long as you have your measurements with you, you are good to go. Your measurements will entail your penis girth, penis length, gap, and ball diameter.

How to Make a Chastity Cage?

Let’s now quickly go into the step-by-step guide on how to make your very own chastity cage for those emergencies.

  • Get a 3mm gauge wire made from nickel or zinc. Wires with PVC coating are also recommended. However, avoid copper or aluminum plated wires because they can rust from the heat of your penile area and cause infections or break and injure you.
  • Using your already taken measurements for the ball diameter, begin with the locking mechanism by forming the wire into a slightly oval shape (non-circular).
  • Next, you can use heat or any other method you prefer to make the ends into a lock opening.
  • Make the curve of the cage by using your penis length measurement and penis girth (thickness). To make the curve, begin at the base and drive the wire through the tip back to the base (as if you are taking your measurements again).
  • After this, start turning the wire around the curve you have created. Make the first loop go below the curve and the next one above so that it will stay in place. It will also help the DIY chastity cage to keep its shape even when it is pressed against your clothing.
  • Then join the locking mechanism you made earlier with the curved loop you have just made. Don’t forget the gap measurements you have taken. Use it to make sure that the gap will not be too tight or too loose. If it is too tight, it can stop blood flow and that’s not good. If it is too loose, the cage would be dancing around throughout the day and the lock can injure you.
  • After joining the two-part, you can try it on (if you haven’t already). Don’t be too sad — your first try might not be too close to the original one — it’s a start. Some people prefer to construct the chastity cage on their flaccid penis. You just have to be careful not to get erect from the frequent touches. It can ruin the chastity cage size. Refrain from also painting the wire as some do. The paint can rust while the chemical harms your skin.


Now that you know how to make your unique chastity cage, you shouldn’t ever experience that heated moment when you needed a cage so badly. With this knowledge, a chastity cage can’t ever be far from you again. But the best and most reliable option is to buy a good chastity cage.

If you don’t where to find one, we have a lot of reviews on the best sex toys, so you can check those out to find a chastity cage that fits you well, is comfortable, and of course within your budget.

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