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Hollow Dildos

When in need for a strong and never ending erection, a hollow dildo is what you need. A perfect sexual toy for those avid to try kinky things in bed, perfect for lesbian couples and a dream come true for those in love with playing 50 Shades of Grey sex games. Suitable for both men and women.

purple 8 inch remote control realistic hollow dildo
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What is a Hollow Dildo?

Hollow dildos are specially designed sexual toys for adults meant to stimulate both genders by either providing strong and never ending erections for men during anal intercourse or an extension to the man’s penis for women avid for bigger inches in their warm love holes. Using a hollow dildo will increase the sexual stimulation and pleasure no matter the type of activity you enjoy and no matter the genre. Women can wear them with ease as well as the men, a truly versatile toy which can increase the pleasure in bed.

realistic hollow dildo

Types and main

When you think of hollow dildos, you think of a stiff dildo attached to a harness, just like a strap-on toys but in fact, the hollow dildo has some pretty interesting particularities. Unlike the strap-on harness which comes with a dildo attached, the hollow dildoes are basically extensions for the penis but which can be used as a dildo as well.

6.5 inch realistic hollow dildo

  • Hollow dildos for men – Strong and very stiff sex toys suitable for anal stimulation on men and perfect for domination games
  • Hollow dildos for women – Specially designed to fit women desires and perfect for both anal and vaginal stimulation. Used as an extension for the actual penis but can be used as it is.
  • Unisex hollow dildos – Suitable for both genders and highly reliable for both anal and vaginal stimulation. It usually comes in a medium size to fit all needs.

6.5 inch black realistic hollow dildo
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How to choose the best hollow dildo?

First of all, you have to decide whether you need one for yourself or a unisex hallow dildo to share it with your partner. After that, once you decide on the type of dildo you want, you must first seek positive hollow dildo reviews and learn more about the materials. Not all materials provide the same feeling, some are smoother others are more rigid. Once you finish with gathering information about the material you want your toy to be made of, move to the next step, the size. For beginners, smaller sizes are recommended. For other types of users, experienced or professional, any size will fit.

10 inch black remote control realistic hollow dildo

How to choose the right size?

Once you decide on the material you like, the size is the next step in personalizing your toy. All types of hollow dildos come in different sizes that’s why you must know your limit and desire before choosing the size. These amazing sex toys come in sizes varying from 5 inches to 12 inches and if you are a beginner or an inexperienced user, a 5 to 6 inches toy will fit your needs perfectly. For experienced users, all sizes fit, and it’s up to them which is the best size for them. Most popular hollow dildos often have 7 inches, so that is basically the most used size. You can start your experiences with such toys starting with this size or a smaller one.

7 inch brown realistic hollow dildo

How to choose the right material, shape and texture?

Hollow dildoes come in three major types of material:

  • Rubber hollow dildos – Firm with a soft texture, suitable for vaginal stimulation. Provides life like feeling of a real penis. Perfect for both straight and lesbian couples as well.
  • Silicone hollow dildo – Super soft and silky texture, realistic feel when inserted in the vagina, perfect for lesbian intercourse and oral sex.
  • 8 inch black realistic hollow dildo

  • Cyber skin hollow dildo – A type of hollow toy that imitates the real feel of the penis and the texture as well. Super realistic and highly suitable for vaginal intercourse. Due to its stiffness, it can be used for anal pleasures as well.

It’s always best to seek for the top-rated hollow dildos to make sure you choose the right material, shape and texture.

8 inch remote control realistic hollow dildo

How to use the hollow dildo?

Just like the strap-on harness dildo, using a hollow dildo requires the same movement and installation. You simply put it on and enjoy relaxing sexual activity with your partner. Reliable and highly effective for any type of sexual activity, this premium sexual toy will offer unforgettable moments. Using the hollow toy on a regular basis requires good hygiene and proper storage. That way you minimize the risk of bacteria or damage caused by humidity or extreme heat. Enjoy a healthy sexual life by cleaning the toy after every use and keep it dry at all time. Vibrating hollow dildos are extremely sensitive to humidity and extreme heat.

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