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How Often do Couples Have Sex?

How Often do Couples Have Sex

Relationships are meant to be treasured, couples ought to communicate, and both partners should try to be on the same wavelength most times. One of the easiest ways to maintain such a vibe is by being intimate, and what better way to get personal than passionate sex? Thank goodness, these days, people are getting more comfortable talking about sex. As such, we will take you through the motions and show you how to elevate your (and your partner's) sex life.

Here, we will tell you everything you need to know about the average amount of sex a couple has. We will highlight the numerous merits of frequent sex in a relationship. We will show you a couple of ways in which you can improve sexual intercourse with your partner. No one should be deprived of passionate sex, and we will ensure that you (and your partner) are not left out of the fun. So without much ado, let's show you a thing or two.

What is the Average Amount of Sex a Couple Has?

The average amount of sex that a couple has depends on various factors, including age, work, and health challenges. However, we will be concentrating on a demographic consisting of healthy couples with sufficient time for each other. According to HealthLine, the average sex that a team has is 51 times a year, which is just under once a week. However, this number is only a tentative one, as you can be sure that some couples clock that 54 times the average mark in just under a month.

What's more, factors such as happiness, newness, curiosity, and the quest for a baby are known reasons why some couples go well past the average mark. Also, teams are becoming more creative with sex, as modern concepts such as BDSM, oral sex, and sexting have played significant roles over time. You cannot be too surprised, as many benefits come with frequent sex, which we will look into in just a moment.

Why is it so Valuable to Have Frequent Sex?

Here are some of the finest advantages of frequent lovemaking.

It Improves Sleep

Sex is an excellent form of exercise, especially when a couple has learned how to use their partners' bodies as an artful simulation tool. During sex, most couples operate with adrenaline, as a specific something comes with being aroused by their lover. However, after the deed has been done, the team would notice that they are sleepy, and it's more or less bedtime.

Such a couple has nothing to worry about, as there is an entirely logical explanation to it all. During orgasms, a cocktail of chemicals is released in the brain, including oxytocin, dopamine, and a rush of endorphin. All these hormones combined leave you feeling sleepy. It all makes sense now, and it's no wonder why couples gas out so quickly after an intense lovemaking session.

It Boosts Self-Esteem

Let's face it, not every partner in a new relationship is used to getting sex before such a relationship. As such, frequent sex in a committed relationship is a fantastic ego booster that goes a long way in improving productivity. It is especially true for men, as they are known to have less reciprocated advances when compared to women. You might say that their games aren't the best, but having frequent sex is a great way to quell that sadness. Also, it's not out of the ordinary for couples to complement each other while making love; this works wonders on their partner's self-esteem. Sex is fantastic with the right person; you are only sleeping on this fact because you probably haven't found the one.

It Lowers the Risk of High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is the cause of a significant number of people that are advanced in age; as such, you should constantly monitor it. But sadly, not many people have the presence of mind to carry out frequent checks, which is the stark reality. However, there's another way couples advancing in age can keep the high blood pressure problem away. That's by having frequent, passionate, enthralling, and mind-blowing sex. So, before you chastise me for presumably being economical with the truth, you should check the figures. "Women between 57 and 85 years who took part in a recent study were less likely to have hypertension! Not only does High Blood Pressure increase the risk of heart attack and stroke, but it also can lead to erectile dysfunction and lower libido". So what are you (and your partner) waiting for?

Ways of Improving Couples Sex?

Here are a few ways that would help a couple perfect the art form of mind-blowing sex.

  1. Do not overthink it. Overthinking has ruined one too many a relationship, and it would be such a shame if it ruined yours too. Sex is something that you should enjoy, and it's not a spelling bee whereby you require months of practice. What's more, the best sex happens to be the most spontaneous, and the more unexpected, the better the orgasm would be. As such, it's high time that you stop overthinking how you'll get it done in all the rooms in the house and instead get her out of her clothes first. We bet that your partner isn't overthinking, and they're still masters at turning you on till you cum like the proverbial fountain of youth.
  2. Communicate subtly . No one likes a nerd (except your partner has a fetish attraction to them, that is). As such, it only fits that you subtly communicate your naughtiest thoughts. The reason being that the first place to turn your partner on is the mind. Once that's out of the way, then the rest is easy. You could get your partner in the mood by calmly brushing over their skin as you move from a room to another. You could also wink at them on the most random of occasions. Plus, if you are looking to drive them crazy, then you can proceed to stroke their thighs at a family dinner; you can thank us later. Frequent sex is an excellent way to reduce stress, difficulty in functioning, and it is more effective when utilizing intelligent devices.
  3. Remember the little things. That might be the trickiest item on the list, but it is one of the most effective as long as you get it right. You and your partner make up a couple; as such, you would be privy to a lot of personal information, stuff that almost nobody knows. As such, don't hesitate to keep mental notes about such vital facts, especially if they mean so much to your partner. That works because, during foreplay, you can whisper titbits of such information to the partner. Knowing that you care is a major turn-on, and we won't be surprised if they pay you with mind-blowing sex. However, make sure that you don't say something insensitive during the foreplay window; that is a recipe for disaster. Also, it would be a worthy choice to include sex toys in your lovemaking routine. They bring a new thrill to the meetup, and sparks are bound to fly.


Couples are people that have made the conscious decision to stay together, even though their partners might have a couple of pesky traits firmly engrained. As such, intimate sex is one of the things that brings a couple together, makes them look forward to alone time, and keeps the partner begging for more. Good sex isn't all that difficult; so far as you follow the tips above, then you are in a good place. The most important thing is to stay consistent, as once you can perfect that, the rest would fall in place. We have given you the required tips; now it's up to you to keep your partner coming back for more! Hopefully, this article was helpful. Don't pass by our best sex toys reviews if you want to maximize your love life. Here you will find all you need to fit your budget and taste.

How often do married couples have sex?
Sexually active married couples typically have sex at just under once a week. But this number can increase or decrease as a result of a couple of factors. Such factors include disenchantment, distance, work, children, and a host of others along the pipeline.
How important is sex in a relationship?
Sex is pretty important in a relationship, especially when both partners are sexually active. Good sex is satisfying, decent sex is captivating, but superb sex is simply astonishing. A couple that has sex together is most likely going to sleep on the same bed together.
How often do people have sex?
A sexually active single person typically has sex just above once a week, which isn't that different from a person in a relationship. However, a bunch of factors could play a positive or negative part in that calculation. The most likely factors include money, game, and the ability to hold onto a decent conversation.
How often do married couples over sixty make love?
Married couples over the age of sixty typically make love about twice a month. That's because they are now older, less enthused, and most times single. This number goes even lower as they get older.
How often do couples in their 30s make love?
Couples in their thirties are typically very sexually active, as this happens to be primetime for newlyweds. They have sex every other day, which is fertile for experimenting, especially when both partners weren't sexually active before they got hitched.
Is sex important in a marriage?
Yes, sex is essential in marriage as it solves several issues, fosters closeness, and remains a breath of fresh air. A couple with frequent sex is less likely to wake up on the wrong sides of the bed. Indeed, there's no sleeping on this.

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