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Homemade Fleshlight: DIY Tips & Guide

White fleshlight on the table.

Being away from your partner for a long can be bad in more ways than one. First, you miss their presence and then you begin to crave sexual intimacy that only they can deliver. At times like this, most people turn to makeshift sex toys like the Homemade fleshlight for satisfaction. While this offers satisfaction at that moment, it can often be risky to your health. Here, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about homemade fleshlights .

What Is a Fleshlight?

A fleshlight, also known as a pocket pussy, is a male masturbator that serves as an artificial vagina, butthole, or mouth. It is the name given to any sex toy that is designed to accommodate the thrusting movement of a penis. Unlike wanking with your hand, the fleshlight gives you a gentler feeling that can be likened to penetrative sex. It is usually not much bigger than the average penis and could literally fit into the pocket, hence the name “pocket pussy.”

Making A Homemade Fleshlight

Like many other sex toys, fleshlights can be pretty pricey, and you may not be ready to shell out the money for a masturbator, and it’s alright. You can channel your creativity and create a pocket pussy from household items. Not sure how to do this? Find out below

Towel and condom fleshlight

A towel is likely to be the most convenient for you of all the items that can be used to make DIY fleshlights. You’re probably wondering how this piece of clothing that you use to dry yourself can bring you the ecstasy you get from penetrative sex. It’s simple. The idea is to create an opening by folding the towel and placing a latex condom inside it. The next step is to roll up the towel and use some rubber bands to hold it in place so that you can easily penetrate it. If you do it right, it will give you the sensation of a tight vagina. However, if you feel any discomfort, don’t hesitate to loosen it a little or apply more lube.

Toilet paper fleshlight

If you’re looking for a cheap fleshlight, then you can’t do much better than the toilet paper fleshlight. You can whip this one out anytime you need a quick release. You only have to pick up the toilet paper, remove the cardboard center and insert a condom through the middle as a replacement. Voila! If the space between the toilet paper roll happens to be too big, you can squeeze on it while you make back and forth jerking motions. Once you’re done, simply take out the condom and dispose of it and return the toilet paper for the next time you have to go.

Banana fleshlight

You may have been eating bananas all your life, but this fruit offers satisfaction to much more than just your palates. The peel of this tasty fruit can be transformed into a makeshift masturbator once the fruit is out. To begin, take out a fresh banana and cut one end open. Proceed to squeeze out the fruit until the peel is empty. It’s also okay if you can’t get it out completely. You can still use the residue as lube for your homemade fleshlight. When you’re ready, simply pop your penis into the empty peel and jerk back and forth till you cum. One great thing about this makeshift fleshlight is that the closed-end catches the cum inside, so you only have to dispose of it when you finish. Also, feel free to add your lube in if the banana residue doesn’t do it for you.

Socks fleshlight

Another homemade fleshlight that’s likely not to cost you a dime is the DIY sock fleshlight. It may feel less cool than the real thing, but it’s just as functional. It only takes three pairs of socks, rubber bands, and a condom or latex glove. Fold two pairs of socks, stick the condom between them, and wrap the third pair around the contraption. Once everything is set, use a rubber band to secure the third pair of socks in place, and you’re ready to go. You can squirt some lube into the condom for a more pleasurable experience.


While you can always create a homemade fleshlight to satisfy yourself in times of extreme sexual hunger, it comes at great risk to your health. Instead of risking infection or injury to your genitals, it’s better to invest in a ready-made dildo. If you’re not sure where to start, you can find examples of dildos on our website, as we specialize in the review of sex toys . A quick look through, will help you find a dildo that fits your budget and satisfies you.

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