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Flip Hole

Masturbation has become such a usual, normal thing today that for some men this activity is boring and not as satisfying as before. Luckily, modern sex industry offers revolutionary solutions, allowing getting fresh sensations and unforgettable orgasms. One of recently released items combining stylish appearance and rich functionality is the electronic masturbator. Want to try it and see why it is becoming so popular? Purchase Flip Hole, and masturbation will never be as boring and long as before!
silicone flip hole by Tenga
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What is Flip Hole

This is a new type of masturbator that combines advanced technologies, and is created for strong penis stimulation. This is a sex toy that performs the role of vagina, replicating its structure and bringing the same sensations as during usual sexual intercourse. This is a perfect variant for solo, or if your partner is tired of masturbating by her hands.

The best flip holes are capable of mimicking oral sex, as well. The device may perform twisting, sliding and sucking motions, which turns masturbation into a real delight. It may be kept in one hand, is convenient in use and very powerful despite quite compact sizes.
white silicone flip hole by Tenga

Main characteristics

If you watch the information about Flip Hole online, you will learn the following:

  1. The device is made of plastic on the outside and has silicone inner walls to mimic the structure and surface of vagina tissue.
  2. It features a motor that vibrates and produces various motions (sliding, rotation, sucking, etc.).
  3. It has on-base control with buttons to choose mode and frequency.
  4. The device works with rechargeable (accumulator) or replaceable batteries.
  5. The construction may be opened to wash the device and re-use (according to Flip Hole reviews, they can be used 50 times and more, if treated carefully).
  6. The set may include different types of lubricants: natural, menthol and other variants.

Resolved to experiment with such sex toy? Order Flip Hole on our partner’s site! It provides excellent shopping conditions: low prices, wide choice and decent customer support.
6 inch silicone flip hole by Tenga
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How to use

The device has a very exotic appearance for people who have never tried sex toys before. However, Flip Hole using is quite easy. All you need is to follow these directions:

  • Before switching the device on, check it: seals must be properly closed, the mechanism should be safely protected.
  • Open the construction and put some lube inside as said in the instruction. As far as the inner surface is silicone, use water-based lube. If your phallus is hard to stimulate, choose menthol lube to add to penetration.
  • 6 inch black silicone flip hole by Tenga

  • Close the toy and try to switch it on. Doesn’t work? Check battery compartment.
  • Put penis in and switch the device on. Use buttons to adjust vacuum and customize modes to get various sensations and types of pleasure.
  • After usage, open the construction and clean it from lubricant residues. After that, place it on the base.

If you experience unpleasant sensations, add more lube and ease the grip. The toy produces very intense motions and gripping, which may appear to be too much for some men.
vibrating rechargeable silicone flip hole by Tenga

How to choose

Don’t know where to buy Flip Hole and which model will be the best for you? Here are some pieces of advice:

  1. Make purchases in official stores or sex shops. Make sure you buy a 100% authentic item, because cheap Flip Holes break down right after the first usage.
  2. Choose the models with multiple modes and buttons to enrich your experience and make masturbation different every time.
  3. 5 inch rubber flip hole by Tenga

  4. If lube is not included in the set, order some. But even if it is supplied with the toy, you may buy some other kind of lubricant just in case you don’t like delivered one.
  5. Don’t forget to buy batteries, as well.
  6. Read some Flip Hole reviews: there is a lot of useful information considering the items and the ways of usage. You will understand which model will be ideal for you, and how to improve masturbation process.

rubber flip hole by Tenga

Where to buy Flip Hole

If you want to buy Flip Hole, our partner’s site is the most optimal place to make this purchase. Why? It provides excellent online shopping conditions:

  1. Fast and secure shipping. You may order discreet package to save your privacy. The goods will be delivered right to your house!
  2. A wide and easy-to-navigate catalogue makes shopping fast and highly convenient.
  3. Be sure you buy 100% original products made of safe materials.
  4. Low prices: Flip Hole and other sex toys are available to any customer!
  5. Order arrangement requires minimal personal information and takes a couple of minutes.
  6. You may choose a convenient payment type.

5 inch flip hole by Tenga 3D Zen
Now you don’t have to suffer from hand fatigue or listening to your girlfriend’s complains about headache. It’s time to make masturbation interesting and highly enjoyable. With Flip Hole, you will experience the sensations unknown before. Make an order on or partner’s site!
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